Susa Clean

These chemicals are multi-purpose cleaners and degreasers that are safe to use on nearly all surfaces and are the ideal choice for tough cleaning of polished aluminum. Designed to remove film, oil, and grease from engines, chassis, oil-rigs, heavy equipment, forklifts, fifth wheels, industrial parts, painted surfaces, smoke stacks, diesel tanks, counter tops, floors, and more, all purpose cleaners are ideal for mobil washers and safe for use in your power washing equipment. 

Designed to remove aluminum oxide, these acid brightening solutions create a fresh surface for welding, polishing, striping, painting, or pre-paint treatments. Aluminum brighteners are biodegradable, and when pH neutralized, safe for disposal in most municipalities. 

Floor cleaning chemicals work to breakup and emulsify grease, oil, diesel, and hydraulic fluids from working shop floors. The mild abrasiveness of these formulas cuts down into dirt and soil trapped in coarse concrete and cracks and soaks into the floor, allowing for deep removal of both old and new stains. Floor cleaners are safe to use on epoxy, urethane, and painted floors without leaving a residue. 

Parts cleaning liquid chemicals are non-emulsifying, compatible with oil skimming systems, can be used with liquid auto injection methods, and contain built-in defoamers and rust inhibitors. They are safe for use on many surfaces, including most metals, polished aluminum, chromium, zinc, polycarbonates, rubber hoses, bakelite plastic, copper, and electrical parts without leaving a residue. Parts cleaners are the ideal choice for removing oil, grease, and heavy soil from aluminum and steel surfaces, protecting parts from corrosion during the manufacturing and storage process. 

Similarly to parts cleaning liquids, powders also are non-emulsifying, compatible with oil skimming systems, and contain built-in defoamers and rust inhibitors. Parts cleaning powders are designed to strip paint, rust, and carbon from parts without any scrubbing required and can easily remove grease, blood, mold stains, and other common dunnage soils from steel, iron, and plastic pallets and dunnage. These detergents are ideal for smaller parts washing machines and use in automatics, self-service, and hand washing systems. 

From being used in a heated spray wash or immersion system to clean and remove oxidation, to acting as an extra-heavy duty degreaser designed to cut both heavy grease and oil from oil-rigs, heavy equipment, engines, forklifts, and fifth-wheels, this category includes chemicals that encompass many different functions and industries. These cleaning agents can also brighten concrete, brick, and stucco, dissolve rust, eliminate stains caused by red clay, remove water lines from boat hulls, and remove concrete from tools and trucks.